Livestock Market Report February 12, 2024

Hondo Livestock Auction sold a total of  1051 head of livestock ( 1101 cattle and 50 sheep and goats) at the Livestock sale  on February 12 2024 .  Our next sale is February 19, 2024

1st place steers Sold by Giliam Ranch    5hd,  2.00lb,  average 990 lbs,  average $1980.00

1st place heifers sold by Kincaid Land and Cattle,  15hd,  2.06lb,  average 746lbs,  average $1536.76

2nd place steers sold by Jody Tschirhart, 2.17 lb, average  747 lbs,  average $1620.72

2nd place heifers sold by Bill Meuth, 17 hd,  2.51lb,  average 537lbs,  average $1348.02

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Please click on the following PDF file to see a breakdown of price by class: