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Union Commission Co Inc. was founded in 1993 by Glen ‘Butter’ Crain.
The Company started selling cattle at the San Antonio Stockyards; where Crain had worked since 1968. As the company began to grow Crain looked for an alternative location to sell livestock and eventually moved to the Hondo Livestock location in April of 2001.
Crain partnered with two long-time colleagues and friends; Howard and Clay Billings to successfully manage the Hondo Livestock Auction. Today, Crain and Howard Billings continue to work together to ensure the best possible service to customers who choose to bring cattle to the Hondo Livestock Auction.
Since its move to the Hondo Livestock Auction, Union Commission Co Inc. has been a leader in South Texas by providing a competitive market to sell and buy livestock. The company is proud to provide a reliable outlet for ranchers both large and small.

The 1993 Union Commission Co Inc. Employees from Left to right: Seth Crain, Anthony Tschirhart, Dude Harrison, Edward Centilli, Howard Billings, Glen Crain, and Clay Billings